A Private High School, Middle & Elementary School in Houston TX

Excelsiar is the premier private learning disability school for elementary, middle, and high school level students in Houston Texas. With public schools facing budget cuts and classes getting larger and larger, Excelsiar Academy has provided an alternative learning solution at a time when students need it most. Excelsiar caters to all types of learners including those that have learning disabilities and those students who have no learning barriers. Today, there are teachers in both public and private schools that lack quality instruction and do not have the capabilities to help students who struggle to learn.

Our highly qualified education specialists are trained in techniques to better assist students with learning disabilities when compared to traditional school instruction. Excelsiar is a unique private school for learning disabilities. Our program provides students with real life application and tools they can take with them whether on the job or in daily activities. Excelsiar provides individualized instruction with small classes of 7-10 students, while public and charter schools may have 25-30 students per class. Excelsiar Academy is selective in its’ admissions process just like other learning disability schools in Houston. While charter schools specialize in a particular subject such as math or science, Excelsiar Academy specializes in applicable learning and teaching students with learning disabilities.

Our education specialists have over 30 years of combined teaching experience. Excelsiar Academy has helped over 200 students achieve academic success.

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General Info

Excelsiar was launched to serve as a perfect medium between public school and homeschool. The goal of our program is to provide students a more personalized and intimate
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Our curriculum is based off of Fort Bend ISD textbooks and nationally recognized educational software including ALEKS and Study Island. The curriculum in these software
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Our Difference

Excelsiar offers electives that teach life skills including Personal Finance, Time Management, Organizational Skills, and Presentation.
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